Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wow Where Has The Time Gone!

I can't believe last time I blogged was over 2 months ago! So much has happened and life has been very crazy in those 2 months. Little Miss is teething and crawling, I have fibromyalgia which really sucks when you live in a moist, cold state. I have been working hard as a mom. My hubby is working lots and hard. I guess to me it feels like it's been busy and crazy but it's really been the normal daily, boring life of a SAH mom. :)
There are two excepts to the normal daily grind; in the last two months we celebrated my hubby's 30th birthday and we also celebrated our anniversary. Hooray for us! I have a little one getting into trouble so I must run! I must say though I am SO excited for Spring & Easter. I think Easter is my favorite holiday after Christmas. Have a wonderful day and I will try to write a little more frequently!