Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wow Where Has The Time Gone!

I can't believe last time I blogged was over 2 months ago! So much has happened and life has been very crazy in those 2 months. Little Miss is teething and crawling, I have fibromyalgia which really sucks when you live in a moist, cold state. I have been working hard as a mom. My hubby is working lots and hard. I guess to me it feels like it's been busy and crazy but it's really been the normal daily, boring life of a SAH mom. :)
There are two excepts to the normal daily grind; in the last two months we celebrated my hubby's 30th birthday and we also celebrated our anniversary. Hooray for us! I have a little one getting into trouble so I must run! I must say though I am SO excited for Spring & Easter. I think Easter is my favorite holiday after Christmas. Have a wonderful day and I will try to write a little more frequently!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I Feel Like I Woke Up In Oz.

As many of you are aware, Washington has been hit this last week with a HUGE snow/ice/wind storm (which seemed to have lasted the whole week)! We were very fortunate not to have lost power or had a tree land on our home, though we have several close calls. It is amazing to me how much damage weather can cause. Here are some photos in front of our house of the damage:

As you can see it's been a close call! I am so thankful for our friends up here helping us out including our home teacher Travis! Luckily the storm is over and clean up is being. One thing I'm not liking is living in a place that we can't clear away the branches ourselves (which means it will be here a few days). This has been a very interesting experience; not leaving home because impassable roads, falling branches, falling ice chunks & even if you got out where would you go with the power out to over 250,000 people around you?
But with all the bad there has been good. My hubby was home pretty much all week. We found Little Miss has her first tooth and she is crawling! It has been fun watching movies and making dinner together as a family.
Now with hubby back to work it seems like last week was surreal except when I look outside and then I feel like I am in the land of Oz.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Start To A New Year

As you probably have noticed, I have changed a few things with my blog. Firstly I am now going with the name on my blog; Learning Ranch because I love learning and I think it will be easier to share names with my actual website name. I have also changed my background and have gotten rid of my blog button. The button may come back at some point but right now I am too busy (and lazy) to make a new one.
Things have been crazy the last month with Christmas, traveling, and one sick baby and then all of us. I am very excited about the beginning of this new year and feel it is a unwritten chapter just begun. I feel empowered and capable of accomplishing my goals. I feel alive and excited.
Normally I am not into the whole New Year's resolution but I decided to make some goals for this coming year anyway. Here are some of my goals;
  • Make more things homemade. (This includes food, household products, and crafts.)
  • Work on getting out of debt.
  • Go through the temple and be sealed to my amazing husband this SPRING! (I plan on talking about my faith on here soon. I am LDS or Mormon.)
  • Start some family traditions!
  • Help out people more.
  • Listen better.
  • And be ME more.
I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and have thought about goals for the New Year! Let's all make a fresh start! Here are some picture's from Christmas! :) Enjoy!
{Me & hubby}

{Little Miss}

{Our hooligans}

{Silly family!}

{My family whom I love so much!}