About Me

Welcome to Dream Ranch!
This is a blog is about my life and dream of owning a ranch. From this blog I at the least hope to inspire people to follow their dreams no matter how out there they may seem to other people. On here I want to share what I am gratiful for, crafts, cooking (I love cooking), books, and just my general thoughts!

About Me:
My name is Laura. I am the mother of 3 kiddos. We are the classic blended family. My hubby has a son from a pervious marriage, I have a son from a pervious marriage and we have Little Miss together. 

A Little More About Me:
  • My biggest fear in life is being pooped on by a bird. I am rather paranoid about it and keep an eye on birds when they are around (especially seagulls).
  • I love the country and am counting down the days till I won't hear the neighbors and cars...
  • I love old movies and musicals. As does my baby girl, she loves musicals because she loves songs.
  • I am addicted to soda and candy. But usually it's iffy if I'll eat pie, cookies, ice cream, brownies, etc.
  • I hate rain which sucks when you live in Washington.
  • I am easily entertained
  • I am rather old-fashioned and anti-new technology. I've given up my touch screen phone for one that was out back in 2005.
  • My new hobby is family history. I am working on my husband's side of the family.
  • I admire Adurey Hepburn more than any other famous person.