Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got The Dream House Now For The Decor

What better thing for a ranch than Western decor inside the house? Nothing as far I am concerned! :) My favorite place to get ideas is Here are some of their products;

I love these things and plan on getting them or making my own (like with the nightstand above). Here is the breakdown I am planning for my house;
LIVING ROOM: red & dark brown & tan color scheme with star theme
KITCHEN: black & white color scheme with rooster theme
MASTER BEDROOM: brown & azure blue color scheme with horse theme
GIRL'S ROOM: pink & dark brown color scheme with horse & cowboy boots theme
BOY'S ROOM: brown & green & tan color scheme with cowboy & wild west theme
GUEST ROOM: brown & tan color scheme with Texas long horn theme
BATHROOM 1: horse shoe with star theme
BATHROOM 2: horse theme
BATHROOM 3: bucking bronco theme
That is how I dream my house looking being. Turn in next time for what I envision for our ranch land including garden, orchard, out buildings, and animals.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dream House, Dream Land

To begin any dream regarding your life, you need two things; a location and a home. I have already found both. The location is in the middle of no where Utah. I was raised close by in the biggest town in the county (less than 50,000) and this is about a 20 minute drive from there (along with lots of family). Here are some pictures of the location we are looking forward to call home!

Now for the house! I found this house through ! I fell in love with right off and am already planning how it will look once I get through with it! These pictures are from and I can't wait till I actually get to buy the plans and start on my dream home!