Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got The Dream House Now For The Decor

What better thing for a ranch than Western decor inside the house? Nothing as far I am concerned! :) My favorite place to get ideas is Here are some of their products;

I love these things and plan on getting them or making my own (like with the nightstand above). Here is the breakdown I am planning for my house;
LIVING ROOM: red & dark brown & tan color scheme with star theme
KITCHEN: black & white color scheme with rooster theme
MASTER BEDROOM: brown & azure blue color scheme with horse theme
GIRL'S ROOM: pink & dark brown color scheme with horse & cowboy boots theme
BOY'S ROOM: brown & green & tan color scheme with cowboy & wild west theme
GUEST ROOM: brown & tan color scheme with Texas long horn theme
BATHROOM 1: horse shoe with star theme
BATHROOM 2: horse theme
BATHROOM 3: bucking bronco theme
That is how I dream my house looking being. Turn in next time for what I envision for our ranch land including garden, orchard, out buildings, and animals.

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