Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Start To A New Year

As you probably have noticed, I have changed a few things with my blog. Firstly I am now going with the name on my blog; Learning Ranch because I love learning and I think it will be easier to share names with my actual website name. I have also changed my background and have gotten rid of my blog button. The button may come back at some point but right now I am too busy (and lazy) to make a new one.
Things have been crazy the last month with Christmas, traveling, and one sick baby and then all of us. I am very excited about the beginning of this new year and feel it is a unwritten chapter just begun. I feel empowered and capable of accomplishing my goals. I feel alive and excited.
Normally I am not into the whole New Year's resolution but I decided to make some goals for this coming year anyway. Here are some of my goals;
  • Make more things homemade. (This includes food, household products, and crafts.)
  • Work on getting out of debt.
  • Go through the temple and be sealed to my amazing husband this SPRING! (I plan on talking about my faith on here soon. I am LDS or Mormon.)
  • Start some family traditions!
  • Help out people more.
  • Listen better.
  • And be ME more.
I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and have thought about goals for the New Year! Let's all make a fresh start! Here are some picture's from Christmas! :) Enjoy!
{Me & hubby}

{Little Miss}

{Our hooligans}

{Silly family!}

{My family whom I love so much!}

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