Monday, September 5, 2011

Down On Our Ranch And In Our Home

Before I start listing off the animals we intend to have on our ranch, I thought I start by telling a funny story and bragging about my domain (the house & it's latest additions)! So as you know my husband is currently in the Army. Well, last week he was promoted to Specialist (hoo-rah!). The captain present when asking for some facts about him found out we are planning on becoming ranchers and she asked what is a rancher!?! I laughed because I honestly didn't realize there was anyone out there didn't know about ranching! I guess I took it for granted that I grew up hearing about the old ranch (my grandfather's family owned one in Oregon before he got sick) and lived the country most my life. So that is my story.

Now for my new additions! I love cooking and baking. So my kitchen is my pride and joy (along with every other room in the house). Here is the list of my new toys and goodies...

1) West Bake Bread Machine. I hate how much bread cost up here. I love homemade bread! Already tried it and love it!
2) I got 2 new chairs! Those of you who don't know our chairs are famous for being on the verge of falling apart. No worries with these new babies! Super excited to have them (ok they will be here Wednesday...)!

3) Country fair mason glasses. Ok this is a want not a need but I loved them and treated myself to them! :)

4) Drip pans to replace the disgusting ones we had. I got sick of being afraid of a fire starting!

5) I got stove burner covers. These are a fun buy but were practical too since our stove seems to like to get stuff on all over the stove. I love the the rooster on them!

 6) Finally I broke down and bought me two small cooling racks! Yes it's about time!
Now on to the farm animals. We are going to have Jersey cows, chickens, Angus beef cattle, pig, duck, sheep, rabbits and goats! Fun times on the Ranch to come oh boy!

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