Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tiny Tots Tuesday: Blended Families

Every Tuesday I will talk about my children or children in general. Today want to talk about living in a blended family. I think there are many of us who deal with this and I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
I have been amazed when people ask how many we children we have especially when I was expecting our little daughter, Little Miss. Explaining sometimes seemed daunting but I quickly found that I was not the only one dealing with it! I met many other families who understood what it meant to have a blended family.
Here are somethings I have learned it means to have a blended family;
  • You have to juggle more schedules than just one ( we do 3 including our own)
  • You don't always get to plan when you see your kids
  • You claim all the kids but if you are like the oldest would mean you were a teen mom (which I wasn't)
  • Your kid thinks skyping is a normal activity (especially if you live long way away)
  • Your kids are more excited to see each other than their respective parent
  • Dealing sometimes with nasty ex-spouses
The list could go on and on. I love all three of our kiddos. Bean is 7 and is my step-son. He lives with his mom. Mr. Sunshine is 4 and is my son. He lives with his dad. And Little Miss, is our first together. She is now 5 months! Hopefully at some point we will have one of the two boys (or both!) living with us on a more permanent bases.
{Here are our kiddos!}

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