Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tasty Thursdays: Confessions

I haven't been feeling great today and haven't cooked anything up. Nor do I feel much like posting a recipe. I would however like to confess a few things about myself...
  • I have favorites when it comes to food and usually struggle eating anything else. I tend to have one thing I want to eat every day and then I will switch.
  • I have a long list of foods I will not eat. Including mushrooms, seafood (I am finding I don't like even fish), artichokes, raspberries, blackberries, red onions, olives, spaghetti, Chinese food, a lot of Italian food, etc.
  • I am horrible about eating vegetables and sometimes fruit.
  • I am allergic to the weirdest things. Like tomatoes (especially if I get the juice on my skin but I can get away with eating it with other things like in a salad or sandwich) and sweet condensed milk. Those are the food items outside food I am allergic to metals (BIG time can't even wear my wedding ring), medical tape, silicon, and latex.
  • I love fast food and junk food. I am trying hard to be good and eat healthier.
  • I am not a huge fan of eating. I eat because I know I need to survive but I have to make myself do it sometimes. (I guess this problem is more common then people think).
So there is my confession. Now you know a bit about my bizarre self and what goes on in my head! Let me know what odd food habits you have by leaving a comment!

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