Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Tots Tuesdays: Starting Solids & Little Miss

There is some exciting news in regards to starting babies on solids! There is no longer a formula to follow (start with cereal, then vegetables, and then fruits). Now they say it is better not to give babies cereal and to mix it up with the vegetables and fruits. They do say it's better to wait till babies are 6 months to start them on solids and you can add spices to baby's food! I am so excited to try this!
Little Miss has been on solids for a few weeks now, even though she is only about 5 months and a week old. We had to start her because she was waking up 6 times a night and eating all day too. She has done really well with solids and already can eat a whole jar in one sitting. I am so glad she is on solids it has been helping with her acid reflux (we found out she had acid reflux when she was 2 weeks old).
{Our happy Little Miss}

Little Miss already has her favorite foods. She loves Mango. She won't even let any get out of her mouth and on her face. She also likes Sweet Potatoes and Peaches. Bananas and Squash are ok but not her favorite thing in the world. I am waiting till she is 6 months to add spices to her food. I want to give her body the chance to mature some more before I add anything to her food. So right now we are just introducing her to a lot of foods and letting her enjoy the different tastes. 
{Ready to go get more food!}

I have a shout out to Hand Me Round (look them up on facebook if you love in Western Washington). I am so grateful for Hand Me Round up here in Washington. I get baby food for a quarter. You will hear me mention Hand Me Round a lot because not having all the money in the world I go there for all my baby needs (or 95% of them; diapers, wipes, and usually formula I have to go to WINCO or Walmart). I love how they have quarter bins for clothes and always have sales. But the best part is even on top of all the savings I get a military discount for being a military spouse! Makes my life easier knowing I have a place to go to get great deals and solids for my baby.
Babies grow up so fast. Little Miss isn't sitting up on her own yet up she is getting closer every day. Last we checked she was 16 pounds and 27 inches long (not bad for being only 5 months). She is a feisty one and a little chatterbox. I love seeing her develop her personality! Leave a comment and tell me what milestones your babies/toddlers are working on or your favorite one your kids have achieved!
{Showing off how tall she is but she is showing off her temper}

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