Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesdays: Teething

Oh boy! Step right up folks we're having fun! If nothing else in life gives me gray hair, teething will! My wonderful, happy baby has turned into a holy terror with this teething business. Poor thing! But boy is it tiring! She wants Mommy 24/7. I have begun napping when she does just to get some rest. OK I am sure she is really not all that bad but with all the other little stresses in life (add to that having been sick) and I have felt on overload.
I know a lot of parents go for the natural teething tablets but all I had close at hand was Baby Oral Gel and Tylenol. Yes, I know terrible! But what can a mother do. She seems to do better just with the oral gel. In fact it's really cute cuz you give her the gel and she smacks her little lips! I love it (the mannerisms not teething or my child in pain)!
I don't remember teething being like this with Mr. Sunshine. To be fair that was 3-4 years ago. So no doubt I have blocked that from my memory. I did always accuse my own mother of having selective memory. Guess it's genetic.
Frankly, my mothering philosophy is we survived without knowing these things so I should be okay to smudge this. Maybe I am off my rocker (which probably nearer to the truth than anyone realizes). Well my husband is home for lunch (one pro of being in the military and living on base), so I am off to nap. Poor hubby gets no time with me these days but we survive!

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