Friday, November 18, 2011

All About Baby

Little Miss is such a joy in our lives! I don't know what I do without her! I don't if I have ever explained why we call her Little Miss. Well her name is I guess considered a Southern name and she is just like a Southern belle! She is sweet as cream but watch out for that temper! She is stubborn, demanding but has the most winning smile I have ever seen!
{Baby at 3 months}

It's hard to believe she is already 6-1/2 months! On the 15th we had her 6 month appointment, she is now 26-3/4 inches (77%) and 15 lbs 12 oz (38%). She is so much hair and is so long people think she is a year instead of 6 months.
{Baby today}

She has always been active  (I say she came out kicking) and now thanks to being able to roll everywhere, she gets into everything! I had to clean the carpet the other week thanks to someone smearing sweet potato baby food across the floor! She is a handful but so sweet you can't stay mad at her. I don't remember life before her. She seems to always have been part of my life.
{Baby at 2 months}

Little Miss we had a rocky beginning together but we made it through and you have thrived and progressed into a inquisitive baby who loves exploring and seeing everything and everyone. How grateful I am for you in my life! I pray I can always be the type of mother you need because I know you are the daughter I need!
{Baby's first photo}

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