Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Put Up Or Not To Put Up... That Is The Question!

I am super excited! We finally have our very own Christmas tree! Hooray! I have been wanting one forever but we always go to Utah for Christmas. So getting a tree seemed unneeded. However last year I realized we spend more than half the month here at home! It just didn't feel like Christmas because of that.
I was determined to change that and fabulous Wal-mart (about the only time I will ever say I like Wal-mart) had fake trees for as low as 20 bucks! AND it was blessedly 6 feet (I am not a fan of smaller trees). And when you get a tree you must get ornaments to go with it! This leads us to the current dilemma.
Do we up the tree now or wait till after Thanksgiving? We have one against celebrating holidays till the one coming up has been dutifully celebrated (that would be my wonderful hubby) and one of us who is impatient and after all Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!
I love everything about Christmas! The lights, the smells, the tastes, the snow (yes there should always be snow), the sights, the songs, the feeling! People are suddenly kind and courteous. Kids are excited and good. Decorating the tree and house. The FOOD! (Need I say more) I love giving gifts! I usually could care less if I get anything. I rather spoil everyone else! And I love decorating. Here are some examples from pinterest of what my dream Christmas would look like!

These are just a few I love! To see more click on Wesley and follow my boards!

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