Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Made WHAT With Cardboard!?!

Along with adhering to my goal of being more crafty (and I make working on growing out my hair, just throwing that out there). As I may have mentioned (but to lazy to verify) I am not only trying to be crafty and do so on a very tight (ok non-existent) budget. Cardboard however is in great supply (thanks to drinking soda and baby diapers). Once again I took an idea and ran a completely different direction with it.

Here is the original & it had the deer template too!
So here is my latest project (made from a diaper box):

The No Animals Were Harmed In The Making: Deer Head!
Supplies Needed:
  • Cardboard (boxes work great!)
  • Sharp razor cutter thing (What are those things called anyways?)
  • Deer Template (From Chronicle Books Blog)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire or something to hang it up with (I used the hooks for Christmas decorations)
It really was pretty easy to do just time consuming, hand hurting. I started out by printing out the template and taping the extra long parts together. I cut wide and taped the template on my cardboard.

I proceeded to carefully cut along the lines and cut out all the pieces.

Then it is pretty self explanatory. Add each piece where it goes and you have the finished head.

Then all I did was take a pin and pin a couple holes and feed the hook through and bend to make a hanger.

Lastly I decorated it for Christmas. :)

My hunting hubby grudgingly likes it (since he hasn't gotten to hunt this year or last). I love these types of projects because there are about a million ways to do your own! Hope you all enjoy! I had a blast doing it (more then I probably should of). Don't forget to enter my giveaway it ends only in a couple days! Also remember 100 followers and I will be giving away to $25.00 gift card to Applebee's.


  1. I love this!! It turned out soo cute girl! What a great idea :)

  2. I like it. I love that the deer is wearing earrings :).