Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

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Every year we hear the same argument of whether we should celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving is even over. I read my friend's opinion on it at Karina's Challenge and wanted to add my two cents but realized (1) my opinion would make one long comment and (2) I have my own blog for a reason! So here are my two cents;
I love Christmas! It is by far my favorite holiday. As I posted in an earlier post, I love everything about it. Right now I have a hard time with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was always a big holiday growing up. In fact it always meant lots of family.

{My family Christmas 2010. Only missing our two boys, Little Miss was in my belly & my dad was taking the picture.}

Fast forward to last year. Last year was my first Thanksgiving away from this tradition of relatives-overload. And guess what! I found I hated it. Therefore, as this time of year came around I have been less than enthusiastic about the up coming holiday. In fact I would skip it (not because I'm not thankful but I believe you should be thankful every day not just one day, however that is another story), but my husband wants to celebrate it.
Now some of you probably are thinking "Why not just go home for Thanksgiving if spending it with family means so much to you?" Good question. Anyone in the military want to answer? In the military (like probably other workplaces) you only get so many days off. True we get more than the average bear (name that movie!), but once we use them there is no getting them back (right away) and going without permission or without pay like some. We opt to go home for a longer stretch for Christmas.

Which brings us to another reason I like to celebrate Christmas early; once I get home I don't get to enjoy Christmas. When we go back we are so busy trying to see all the family and more importantly trying to spend as much time as we can with our boys, we don't get to sit back and soak in Christmas.
This is why my tree is already up and decorated and why I listen to Christmas music and don't mind the overshadowing of Thanksgiving. I miss family more during this time of year then any other time. I am looking forward to introducing Little Miss to mash potatoes, pureed turkey, and some pumpkin pie without the crust. And I do hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be looking forward and grateful for it almost being time to go home for Christmas and see our boys!

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