Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I Am & What I Am Not

Lately I have been giving a lot to who I am as a person and who I am not. And figured it was time to strike for independence from all these other blogs (though I enjoy many of them)! That is the first thing I am NOT...
  • I am not like other bloggers. I have no clue what I am doing. I don't know I really want to make my blog "profitable". I just want my voice to be heard and make sure I am not alone in this great big universe!
  • I am not complicated. I always have been an open book. I am blunt, can't take hints (hardly), and avoid conflicts at almost all costs.
  • I am not a thin as I use to be. I'll admit it. I use to be a size 2-4. I am now a size 10-12. And I am PROUD of that fact. I am not a model. I am not a runner (anymore).
  • I am not the type of girl who fixes her hair in beautiful crazy ways. Nor am I the type who does her nails or can make any outfit looks amazing.
  • I am not very crafty. I cannot come up with all these wonderful ideas and actually execute them!
  • I am not popular. I have social anxiety and am completely shy.
Those are some of the things I am not. Here is some things I am;
  • I am unique. I am pretty sure there is no one else out there like me. Which means I am the only one with these thoughts and ideas. Though I do believe this applies to all of us and sometimes we choose to go with what we think we are SUPPOSE to be rather than who we ARE.
  • I am old-fashioned and simple. My attitude is if it was good enough for my grandparents it's good enough for me. (Note this doesn't apply to everything in life... Moderate!)
  • I am a mother and am too busy trying to keep up with my kiddos and making our home a place people want to be rather than be away from. I am healthy and that is more important to me than how I look. Besides my husband likes me as I am!
  • I am a pony tail wearing, jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I don't do my nails because I am too busy using my hands (please note that I am not saying you can't do your nails and be productive. I just don't know to do both for myself).
  • I am good at some crafts and appreciate (and buy) the craftiness of others. I think I am good at working with wood and I enjoy cross-stitching. I am too practical minded to really be artistic.
  • I am a good cook and enjoy baking.
  • I am frugal and know how to stretch money.
  • I am loving, kind, and loyal. I am always willing to help others and will do anything for those I love.
This is ME. I am what I am and I accept that. My blog will be different from now on because I am going to be true to myself. I will write without fear of no one reading. This is my blog of the attempt to reach my dreams and enjoy life as is along the way!

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