Thursday, November 17, 2011

Supporting Our Military Wives

I am an Army wife. So I know how much military wives appreciate support from the community, their friends and families. I realized last night no one has a page on Facebook where we can go and find military wife owned businesses. For example, my friend Sue is a co-owner of Spoil Me Rotten Momma, she is also the wife of a sergeant in the Army. She has three kids and still finds time to do this business on the side. I mean how amazing is she! (She is also helping me with my first giveaway coming soon to my blog!)
I know how tight things can get being a military wife. We really get paid very little and the military is very good at finding excuses to dock pay. And heaven help you if you try to figure out why and how much they plan on/end up taking!
So after thinking it all over last night I decided I want to help out my sisters! These women move every 3-4 years! Just think how hard it is to find employment in the current job market and imagine trying to find a new job every 3-4 years! Many military wives turn to starting small businesses to help out their families. Let them know we support them as they try to find creative and alternative means to provide for their families! Please "Like" Support Military Wives on Facebook. Thank you so much for all your love and support!

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