Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's For Dinner

I hear at least once a day (from my hubby) "What's for dinner?" So I figured I'd share a couple tips about menu planning. (Writing this since I need to menu plan anyways.) So let's get started!
First I think everyone has to find their own style or what works for them. My mom plans every week and makes every meal the day she has written down. I on the other seem t do it by the fly of my seat (granted I have a 6 month old demanding time). My style is more like a list of meals we have ingredients for and what we happen to feel like that day.
Second make a list of what you need/want. I know this seems like a no-brainer but it is a life and gas-saver. Especially for us since the store we shop is 10 miles away. To get there we have to drive down a packed freeway. Which leads us into...
Third decide how often you will shop. I (theoretically) go grocery shopping twice a month. We shop every payday. It works out nicely because then we have food right off and should be covered for the rest of the month.
Fourth sometimes it's better to play safe than try new things. I admit it. We eat a lot of the same meals each month (sometimes twice each month). Why? Because I know it will be eaten! New things too often end up going bad and I hate wasting food. It makes me feel guilty! Side note: My hubby is just as picky as me about what he will eat. He just shows it through not helping with the leftovers!
Here are some Recipes we eat a lot of!
I think you get the general idea. Taste Of Home is a wonderful resource for finding recipes and trying new things. (Yes I know I said sometimes it's safer to play it safe.)
I believe you should be enjoying what you are cooking and eating. No one can tell you what to eat or make. Sure be mindful of everything you eat. Add green beans to your steak. Milk with your country breakfast. Rice & beans with your enchiladas or fajitas (I am a HUGE Mexican food fan!)... I hope you all enjoy planning your menu. I'm off to work on mine (considering I have a husband hovering wanting to know what we are going to have for the rest of the month. Heck it's an every day question! "What's for dinner?")

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  1. I hardly ever plan, I buy food on paydays for different meals but I always buy things I know we will eat.... I am not a planner just ask my son.. LOve ya all lots