Monday, November 14, 2011

It's What Time!?! And You're Still Awake!!!

I am sure all parents have said that to their children but how often do we have to say it to ourselves? Well I do. I have insomnia and pretty sure it's chronic too since I have had sleeping issues since I was a kid. (I know I am a whole heaping of weird!) So here I am in the middle of the night blogging! (I must be devoted!)
Why can't I sleep? Good question. Some times I feel like God forgot to give my brain an off switch. My mind goes over anything and everything (this is one time being self-aware does NOT pay off). I think all I need to do, want to, have done, hope to do, am afraid to do, wish I could do... Well you get the picture. So why am I blogging all this? What can you take away from all this? Well hopefully you can think "I am so glad I am not her and sleep like a log!" Or maybe you can say "Hey I am not alone! Here is someone else who is secretly a superhero with amazing amounts of energy waiting to be tapped into when the world is in crisis!"
And before I get a million comments (slight exaggeration) on how I can get sleep, here are things I have tried and do use;
  • Tylenol PM (I hate taking it though due to the Tylenol but it works!)
  • Visualization (Thinking of a relaxing spot and visualizing it)
  • Ambien (I didn't do well with it and probably spelled it wrong)
  • Trazadone (I REALLY didn't do well with it and had every side affect not considered a allergic reaction)
  • Relaxation (Relaxing every part of your body)
  • Hot shower
  • Hot bath (Along with lavender bath scent)
  • No caffeine
  • Getting out of bed and doing something else (Doing that right now!!!)
  • Making lists of everything in my head
  • Visually "wiping out my brain thoughts" (Brain thoughts? Oh boy lack of sleep is becoming apparent)
So just a few things! Oh I forgot to mention I have been to see a professional sleep person doctor thing... She told me I had all the tools and not more she could do for me. And what is there to take when the only thing that works is Tylenol PM? Plus I am on night duty with a baby. I am not discouraged or even frustrated by not being able to sleep. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or maybe I just have not known what it is like to be able to sleep at night at a decent hour like a normal human being. Who knows? I do know there are lots of others out there like myself who don't sleep for one reason or another. And I bet they are reading this in the middle of the night while counting the hours down till they figure they can wiggle some sleep in. Hopefully this will at least entertain you and maybe give you an idea you haven't tried.
Bytheway, when does the greeting go from Good Night to Good Morning? It's 2 AM. Just some food for thought.

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