Sunday, November 27, 2011


There are only about 30 hours left until my giveaway is over. I will be honest; been disappointed with the turn out. Only 4 people have entered! Can you imagine your odds if it even was 10 or 20? All you have to do is follow me or do one of the other items (there are 5 total). Completely easy! Check out my Rafflecopter which makes it even easier to do! I am so happy to be offering this as giveaway. The Applebee's gift card is still happening, once I reach 100 followers. To add to that if I get 500 followers (yes, I am ambitious) I will be giving a $50.00 gift certificate to Olive Garden!
To end here is a picture of Little Miss with Santa (bet you can't guess where we got the picture done)! Great way to start off the Christmas season (officially):

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